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Mold Removal and Restoration in Cedar City, UT

Mold - Mold Removal in Cedar City, UT
Utility Trailer - Mold Removal in Cedar City, UT
Home Covered in Mold - Mold Removal in Cedar City, UT

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Mold grows in high-moisture conditions and can compromise the structural integrity of the building, aesthetic appeal of individual rooms, and health of the people who frequent the area. Plumbing and building contractors don't typically have the tools or experience necessary to address mold issues.

Whether you're a contractor or a homeowner, trust Service King when you need expert mold removal in the Cedar City, UT area.

Where and How Mold Appears

Like any other fungal growth, mold needs a certain set of circumstances to develop. You're most likely to find mold in areas with the following conditions:

  • High levels of moisture or standing water: Mold frequently appears after flooding, but it can also take hold in bathrooms, near hot water heaters, or in other moist areas.
  • Organic food source: Mold consumes organic materials as food. You're most likely to find mold on surfaces it can eat, like wood and drywall. But it can also grow on non-organic material, consuming a bio-film.
  • Temperature: Mold prefers warm temperatures, but it can live anywhere with a constant temperature between 33 and 120℉, as long as the area also has moisture and a food source.

Many types of mold exist, including some highly toxic species. Schedule an inspection with our team to ensure that the mold problem is addressed as soon as possible because it can be dangerous and possibly toxic.

How Service King Can Help

We offer complete restoration services and use the best methods and equipment available. We can help with any of the following mold restoration services:
  • Emergency services after storm damage or flooding
  • Inspection and moisture detection
  • Safe, efficient mold removal
  • Mold and mildew prevention
Our expert team helps property managers, contractors, homeowners, and renters throughout Southern Utah remove mold growth and help prevent it from coming back. Call us today at (435) 531-6001 to find out how our team can assist you with mold removal in Cedar City, UT. We're available 24 hours a day to ensure that you get the help you need, right when you need it.