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Our friendly staff is here to not only restore your property, but restore your peace of mind as well.

Emergency Water Extraction / Water Damage Restoration

There is never a good time to experience water damage in your home or business but having the right team on your side to help you through it is what matters. That is where we come in! We've experienced many different situations through our experience and training and have all of the staff and equipment to get the job done right. Our job is to not only provide the best water removal service possible, but to ease your mind and take a stressful situation and make it better. We understand at the core just how devastating having water damage can be and we work hard to take that stress away as much as possible.

More Benefits Of Our Water Damage Restoration Service

  • We provide all documentation you need for your insurance and work directly with them to handle your claim.
  • We work days, nights, weekends, and holidays around the clock. When you need us we are there.
  • Rapid Response - we do our very best to arrive quickly and safely to begin work right away. Many times our response time is less than an hour.
  • Water Removal Experts - we go through continuing education to stay up to date and the best methods and technology to dry your property quickly and properly.
  • Types Of Water Damage We Fix - pipe breaks, appliance failure, frozen pipe, roof leaks, foundation failure, sump pump failure, storm damage, sewage backup, and much more.
  • Safety & Protection - safety is very important to us and we utilize many procedures and signage to keep the area safe while we're working.

Mold Testing & Removal / Remediation

There is a lot of misinformation about mold but we would like to clear some of that up. Mold can be harmful to your health depending on the levels and how much you have been exposed. Mold also affects each person differently. There are some people who have no negative reactions to it while some are extremely sensitive. Mold can cause headaches and respiratory issues depending on your sensitivity. Many people do not seek out mold removal or mold remediation simply because it hasn't affected them health wise. Beyond health, mold can be damaging to the structural integrity of your property as well as significantly devaluing it as well. Just because you do not feel the effects of the mold now, doesn't mean you will not develop any later. So, even if you're unfazed health wise we strongly recommend having the mold remediated properly so that there are no issues long-term.

Mold Remediation - How Do We Do It?

  • Inspection & Testing - the first steps are to figure out what kind of mold we are dealing with as each have their own protocol for remediation. We do a complete thorough inspection to determine the scope of work.
  • Containment - Once we've identified all of the affected areas we contain those areas using barriers so that we do not spread spores as we're working. We also use air filtration devices to filter the air as we're disturbing the mold spores to keep them contained and remove them.
  • Removal - we remove any affected materials such as drywall or fabric. Most wood can be cleaned and sealed using sanding or soda blasting but may need replaced depending on the damage. We also clean the entire area as well as use HEPA vacuuming in the removal process.
  • Post Testing - we can provide post-testing to ensure the mold has been properly remediated and removed.

Smoke Odor & Fire Damage Restoration

Out of all of the property disasters, fire is probably the most devastating and requires a lot of attention to details to fix. There are many different types of fire damage such as: grease and protein fires, plastic fires, organic fires, smoke damage, puff backs, and much more. Each of these require their own unique procedures to clean up properly. We are restoration experts and that includes smoke damage and fire damage.

Restoring Smoke & Fire Damage

  • Inspect & Assess - we provide a complete inspection to determine the scope of work. We also ensure your property is safe both your belongings and safe while we are working.
  • Board Up Service - at times there may be broken windows and doors, a collapsed roof, or other damage that requires a board up.
  • Water Removal - if the fire department responded, there is likely water damage as well. We take this into consideration when restoring your property
  • Pack Out Service - in some instances we're able to clean contents on-site at your property, but more often than not we will pack them up to clean them at our facility.
  • Cleaning & Deodorizing - We will use a combination of demolition and professional fire damage restoration equipment and cleaning solutions to remove smoke and soot from the property.
  • Deodorization - removing any smoke or soot odor is a matter of science and we have the equipment, tools, and products to do this properly.

Asbestos Testing & Abatement / Removal

Asbestos is a very dangerous carcinogen that is the leading cause of mesothelioma which is a type of lung cancer. Asbestos was used in a lot of homes and building 40 years or older, however it can be found in some materials from the 1990's and 2000's. Asbestos was used because it is very heat and fire resistant, it is a great insulator, and has sound proof capabilities. However, the health risks far outweigh those benefits. We are a certified and licensed asbestos abatement company and render work in compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.

Additional Asbestos Related Services

  • Containment - in some situations, containment using encapsulation, coatings, and/or removal of damaged and deteriorated sections are options. This is a possible cost effective solution rather than a full abatement.
  • Management - we can provide regular inspections, surveys, and testing to ensure property safety. As time goes on, more materials may deteriorate and require containment or removal where a full abatement isn't possible management wise because of operations or budget wise. The safety of your property and those who inhabit it are our top concern.
  • We work with both residential and commercial clients. We also work with many industrial hygienists who we consult with for protocol and testing.

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